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Our workshops and trainings are available in both English and Cantonese.

Parent Workshops

  • Cover the basics of typical development in social/emotional skills, speech-language skills, communication, motor skills, and cognition
  • Highlight “red flags” that parents should look out for
  • Inform about the latest therapy approaches and options
  • Provide general tips and strategies that are practical to engage children and foster their communication and development
  • Recommend and share useful resources (e.g. books, websites, materials, assistive technology)
  • Additional topics: positive parenting, anxiety management, behavioural management, ADHD

Parent Support Groups

  • Clinician-mediated
  • Allow parents to share personal experience
  • Help parents grow their own support network (e.g. setting up play dates, exploring resources in the community)

Teacher Workshops

  • Available at our centre or can be hosted at organizations or schools
  • Highlight “red flags” that teachers can look out for and where/when/how to refer
  • Discuss challenges faced while working with children with special educational needs
  • Provide practical and concrete strategies to assist teachers in supporting children with special educational needs
  • Additional topics: anxiety management, behavioural management