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With over 800 square feet, we provide a spacious learning environment for both children and parents.


  1. Occupational Therapy (OT) Room:
    • Installed with fully padded walls for safety
    • Equipped with trampoline, tunnels, barrels, swings, ball pit, crash mats, cushions, play tents and therapy balls
    • Also functions as a therapeutic sensory room to calm or stimulate children with sensory processing challenges


  1. Speech Therapy (ST) Room:
    • Two private speech therapy rooms intended for one-on-one therapy sessions


  1. Early Intervention (EI) Room:
    • Designed for small group learning with minimal distraction
    • Installed with whiteboard walls to accommodate teaching and learning purposes
    • Has a one-way observation window that allows parents and caregivers to observe the class without being seen by their children. Non-interactive observation is one of the best ways to gain a full perspective of a child’s learning and social skills. We encourage parents to schedule in advance
  1. Quiet Zone
    • A uniquely designed therapeutic environment for over-stimulated children to self-regulate and relax
  1.  Resource-to-go:
    • Exclusive to enrolled parents and caregivers
    • Consists of therapeutic toys and educational resources available for loan
    • Parents can choose and borrow from a selection of toys and educational materials to extend the therapy into their homes
    • We stock books, toys and games across the following areas:
      • Fine and gross motor development
      • Perceptual motor development
      • Sensory awareness and stimulation
      • Thinking and problem solving skills
      • Numeracy and literacy skill development
      • Speech and language development
      • Social skills development and pretend play
      • Emotional development


  1. Speech Therapist Toy Library:
    • Exclusive to speech therapists by referral only
    • Extensive selection of assessment tools and therapy materials